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Hello dear Friends, and welcome to my personal website!

I am a Latvian metal vocalist, vocal coach, and recording artist. I currently sing in the death/thrash/groove metal band MĀRA. Since 2018, we have released 2 EPs, toured Europe, and performed together with metal giants such as Sepultura, Bloodywood, Arch Enemy, Satyricon, and more.

Since 2011 I am also a vocal coach teaching various extreme and clean singing techniques. I’m about to release my first ever online course for beginner screamers and growlers and continue doing different free tutorials on my YouTube channel. I’ve studied Popular Music Performance/Vocals at Thames Valley University (Vocaltech), London, UK, as well as in seminars, masterclasses, and privately with ‘Queen Of The Scream’ Melissa Cross, Rockstar vocal coach Mark Baxter, ‘Death Metal phonetician’ Enrico H. Di Lorenzo, “Sepultura” lead singer Derrick Green.

I love doing vocal covers, and I have received great feedback from bands that I have covered. My YouTube channel has now reached 1.7 million views and counting. I’m also an active social media content Creator, I’ve made a few viral videos about metal vocals on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Youtube.

As a creator, I run my personal Patreon page where you can follow my artistic endeavors and receive some really cool benefits for your support.

Lastly, I am a recording session vocalist offering professional voice recordings for various metal bands. I have collaborated on songs with Bjorn Strid from “Soilwork”, Jeff Hughell from “Six Feet Under”, Karl Sanders from “Nile”, “Morphium”, etc.

I received the Best Vocalist award in the Latvian Metal Music Awards 2018 and 2 awards for the Best Album with my band MĀRA.

Māra Lisenko Skeleton artwork